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From The Education Committee

Welcome to the education news online. We will endeavour to bring you updates as and when they occur.


CURRENT NEWS: May 2016 Issue


I have been appointed as the new Chairman and intend to build upon the foundations of the excellent work already undertaken. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie and her committee for their hard work to date.


A new committee has been formed and all committee members are dedicated to improve access to our educational courses and regular committee meetings provide an opportunity to discuss areas where improvements can be made. Our key focus is to process recommendations for new tutors and implement a stronger support network to ensure consistent marking and progress of student work. We are in the process of reviewing how we can improve this area of work and have sought, and continue to seek, input from our current tutors to benefit from their experience. An Education News Bulletin has been sent out to ensure Course Organisers and Tutors are kept up to date with any changes.


We remain committed to continuously review the range and structure of courses available in an attempt to cater for a wide range of interests and extend opportunities to those who wish to become exponents of Spiritualism. We recognise the importance of feedback from all students, tutors and course organisers and encourage constructive proposals and suggestions for improvements. A number of courses are in process of being reviewed and SD1 is now available both in paper form and on CD.


Our tutor days have been very successful and extremely well received and tutor training meetings will continue in the future. We now have a Road Show planned where we are bringing Tutors together in local districts. The first of these will be in the Manchester District at Salford Religious Centre for Spiritualism on Saturday 17th September. These days are a fantastic opportunity for tutors to meet and share experiences and for the Education Committee to hear first hand of any difficulties that prohibit success. The hard work of our tutors, who undertake this duty in a voluntary capacity, must never be underestimated as they are fundamental to the continuation of education. We are extremely appreciative of their continued commitment and efforts to support students throughout their course work to attain successful completion.


Rapid Learning Days for education courses have proven extremely successful and will continue to run. We recognise that it can be difficult to find dedicated time at home to undertake coursework, particularly with family responsibilities and obligations, not to mention those who work full time. Dates have been agreed for Rapid Learning Dates as follows:


03-04 December 2016


Tutor: Minister Myrrha Hibbert


Study starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm Students can enrol for just one day if they wish. Students who are studying G1 will need a copy of the Union bye laws and Rules for Churches.


Please contact the Arthur Findlay Centre, Stafford, for more information on 01785 615513 and to book.


We have engaged with educational experts to enhance our understanding of the range of student needs and will continue to do so. We would encourage any students who may have special requirements to highlight these when applying to undertake courses, so full support can be identified as we endeavour to fulfil all students desires to complete all correspondence courses.


Work continues on our new course which will be primarily focussed on those who wish to gain a broader understanding of Spiritualism and the benefits this can bring to an individual who has no desire to become a demonstrator or speaker.


The Committee is extremely dedicated to promote the benefits of education and engage with other committees across the SNU to ensure a fully integrated approach and is always open to receiving constructive feedback and suggestions.


We recognise the importance of promoting the foundations of Spiritualism (Religion, Philosophy, Science and Healing) through our educational courses and continuous review is required to ensure we maintain our inclusive and progressive approach.


-Minister Jenny Peacock - Education Committee Chairman




If you have any question for the Education Committee please email: