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SNU Education

The SNU offers a range of home study courses and educational programmes that enable people to learn about the philosophy, religion and practice of Spiritualism and much more....


These courses are available to the public as well as our membership. They exist to support and teach a sound foundation of Spiritualist knowledge and philosophy bringing confidence in understanding. Individual SNU members and churches are also encouraged to study the administration courses available, to give them a clear understanding of the organisation and their part within it.


All students are assigned a specialist course tutor and may study by postal correspondence or email. In some cases it may also be possible to join in church or district study groups and SNU Education 'Rapid Learning Weekends' are available at the Arthur Findlay College - Stansted and Arthur Findlay Centre - Stafford. On-line tuition is also available to students worldwide who are members of SNU international.


Member students take a combination of courses and assessments that lead to accreditation or the award of a certificate or diploma, more information can be found in the SNU Awards section of the website.

Please note, platform accreditation (PAS) is only awarded to SNU church/centre members or our Individual membership and certificates (CSNU) or diplomas (DSNU) are issued to our Individual membership only. .


Accessibility: Any student with a relevant disability should contact the Education Secretary, who will make suitable arrangements for your study needs where possible.


Bursaries are available to members who may need financial support in attaining educational qualifications. If you feel you may need support please contact the secretary of the Education Committee to find out more:




SNU Education Information  Leaflet
Find our Education Leaflet in most
SNU Churches/Centres



Visit the Arthur Findlay College & Centre websites linked below, to find details of SNU Intensive Study Weeks & Special Education Courses with approved SNU Tutors:


Arthur Findlay College - Stansted



Arthur Findlay Centre - Stafford


Visit the SNUi website linked below, to find out more about this branch and it's on-line facilities:

SNU International - Spiritualism & Education On-line