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An Introduction to Spiritualism

An Introduction to Spiritualism, this A4 booklet provides an informative introduction to Spiritualism and the Spiritualists' National Union.


With easy-to-understand descriptions of the structure of the SNU, the threefold aspects of Spiritualism including our philosophy through the Seven Principles and much more.


Containing seven sections it covers:


  • The History of Spiritualism
  • The Seven Principles
  • Religion, Science & Philosophy
  • Evidential Mediumship and Spiritual Healing
  • The Structure of the SNU
  • Educational Opportunities from the SNU
  • Our community around the UK and Overseas


The last section of the booklet contains a Self-Test Questionnaire, with multiple choice questions and research questions to enable anyone to find out more about Spiritualism and the Spiritualists' National Union at their own leisure.

Please note: unlike formal SNU Education courses, this 'course' does not include tutoring, marking or letter of completion.



An Introduction to Spiritualism:


A general self assessment course, also designed for individuals considering joining SNU Membership and SNU Church Membership.

Please contact Head Office to purchase.



(SNU Churches should contact Head Office
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SNU Provisional Individual Members:

New SNU Individual Members will receive a complimentary copy of 'An Introduction to Spiritualism' with their Membership 'Welcome Pack'. Completion of this self-assessment forms part of the requirement for Full SNU membership.


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