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SNU Website Accessibility


The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) is committed to providing accessible services for everyone....


Our website is a major communication tool for connecting with members and the public for providing information about the SNU our religion, science, philosophy, official services and support. We want to ensure that everyone can use it.


Our Commitment

  • New media technologies are always developing and changing at a fast pace, however, we are committed to the following broad principles when developing our website:
  • Following standards: The SNU’s websites should comply with accessibility standards in commissioning, editorial, design and coding. These standards include the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.
  • Ensure that it is designed for use with assistive technologies: our online media should work well with technologies such as software page readers.
  • Testing: we undertake as full acceptance testing prior to launching anything new and will continue to consult with users of our website with different needs to ensure that any problems are identified and where possible solutions provided to solve them.
  • The SNU IT Committee volunteers are constantly looking for innovative and new ways of making online media accessible.


Our Guidelines

The accessibility guidelines we are committed to include:

  • Using an easy to read web font type.
  • Ability for users to control text sizes via browser.
  • Ensuring suitable foreground and background colour contrast on text.
  • Providing meaningful alternative text equivalents for pictures.
  • Providing a straight forward and consistent site navigation.
  • Ensuring the target of each link is clearly defined and the destination clearly displayed.
  • Providing a sitemap.
  • Using appropriate structural mark-up to maximise browser support.


Any Questions or Problems?

Although our family of web sites site are designed, monitored and maintained by volunteers on an ongoing basis, it is your experience and comments that count. Please contact us to report areas of difficulty or if you would like to comment generally on our website.


Thank you


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